WATCH: The Hardy Boyz returned to the WWE last night and people went absolutely crazy 4 years ago

WATCH: The Hardy Boyz returned to the WWE last night and people went absolutely crazy

Team Xtreme are back doing what they do best.

Wrestlemania 33 took place last night, and it was definitely a good one. The show had the perfect blend of excellent wrestling and nostalgia filled "Wrestlemania moments" which, it could be argued, the WWE have placed too much of an emphasis on in the past.


The show was absolutely hectic. John Cena actually proposed to his girlfriend and tag-team partner Nikki Bella, The Undertaker retired - ending the most succesful Wrestlemania career of all time - and Brock Lesnar became the new WWE Universal Champion.

Among all of these massive moments, none got the same level of crowd reaction as the return of Matt and Jeff Hardy. The pair left the WWE in 2010, and had been making huge moves in TNA, taking the entire industry by storm.

Rumours were circulating that the two were set to return, especially due to the fact that it was a ladders match, which just happens to be their speciality. Just as the match was about to start, The New Day came out to announce there was a fourth team entered into the match.

Despite their attempts to convince the crowd that it was them who were entering, the "delete" chants were deafening, signalling the level of excitement the crowd had to see the brothers back. The anticipation grew as The New Day walked towards the ring, waiting to see what would happen.

The music hit. The crowd went insane. Goosebumps. A historic moment that won't be forgotten in a hurry.

Clip via WWE


The Hardys went on to win the match, so we will be seeing a lot more of the pair. No complaints on our end, as it means more and more moments like this one.

Clip via WWE