WATCH: Here's how we can take back St Stephen's Day 1 year ago

WATCH: Here's how we can take back St Stephen's Day

Brought to you by KFC

"We've had this Boxing Day nonsense inflicted on us for decades."

As much as we love Christmas, there is an argument for the next day being even better. It has all the pros of Christmas, but without a lot of the pressure.

The fridge is well stocked-up, there are always dozens of great movies to choose from, and usually a bit of football on the telly. Best of all, the outside world comes back to life with restaurants, shops and pubs becoming open once again.

This day is called St Stephen's Day. To call it anything else is simply wrong.

Take back St Stephen's Day

To help get the nation on the St Stephen's Day bandwagon, KFC is officially labelling 26 December as "Unboxing Day."

We don't know about you, but this is one cause we can get behind. For too long have we been inflicted with Boxing Day, and it's time we took back control of what should be a day of joy.

And food. St Stephen's Day should also always include good food.

To celebrate Unboxing Day this year, liberate yourself from turkey sandwiches by visiting your local KFC restaurant. Turkey comes and goes, but chicken is here to stay.

Brought to you by KFC