Keith Andrews & Stephen Hunt on the most intense bouncy castle 6 years ago

Keith Andrews & Stephen Hunt on the most intense bouncy castle

One of the downsides of being a grown-up is that society kind of dictates that you have to be, well, a grown-up.

While we have alternative ways of having fun that we didn't necessarily have access to when we were kids, will there ever be an adrenaline rush as high as going down a slide? Or getting a really good push on a swing?


As grown ups, if someone spots you on the swings in the local park, they're liable to have the police called on you.

However, there are still ways to access those kind of youthful highs again, and one of those ways is with a more grown-up version of that childhood fun.

With that in mind, here are former Republic Of Ireland soccer players - and current bouncy castle champions - Keith Andrews and Stephen Hunt, attempting to survive what looks like the most intense bouncy castle ever conceived.


The lads take on two ladies on what is affectionately called the "Wipeout", and it does look like Andrews is the first one to get a face-full of bouncy plastic, pretty much throwing his body over the mechanism, but Hunt comes down mere seconds later.

Now... who else suddenly wants to give this thing a go and see if we can't beat their times?