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10th Mar 2021

WATCH: This ‘Irish stew’ creation for St Patrick’s Day is an abomination

Alan Loughnane

st patricks stew

Why? Just, why?

At this stage we’re used to the cheesy marketing and creations that surround St Patrick’s Day and it’s easier easy to let these things go by unchallenged.

We’re not at the point where we won’t correct anyone who says “St Patty’s Day” – and never will be – but we’re a little bit more reserved about it all.

But there’s a lot of problems with the below creation from the Chefclub Network, a popular cooking channel on social media.

It said this Cabbage Head Stew is the “perfect warm and cozy dish just in time for St Paddy’s Day”.

The stew itself has plenty of the standard ingredients of meat and veg, while there’s also the addition of entire heads of cabbage on top of pastry and liberal amounts of cheddar cheese.

In fairness, we can see how it might be described as warm and cozy alright. The same way you might be warm and cozy in bed just moments before a Dublin landlord kicks down your door, puts twin bunkbeds in your room and doubles your rent.

We really weren’t sure where this video was going when it started, but we’re not happy about the destination.

Was this a premeditated attack?

Our poor President.

We thought the coddle wars had finished.

As we click play for the 11th time.

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