WATCH: Irish YouTube star talks about the pressures of the Leaving Cert 6 years ago

WATCH: Irish YouTube star talks about the pressures of the Leaving Cert

The Leaving Cert can be an awful time for young people.

These dreaded exams are often the topic of discussion and whether it is the best way to gauge someone's eligibility for college courses has been long debated.


Of course it is important to try your best, work hard in school, and study for the exams, but the pressure placed on teenagers during that time can be a huge problem in this country.

Irish YouTuber Riyadh Khalif has put a video together, sharing his thoughts on why exams are not the be-all-and-end-all.



Speaking to JOE, he said he made the video because many of his subscribers are in the midst of exams.

"I just stopped and remembered what the hell I went through while in school and it got me seriously pissed off at this broken system. This system that leaves young, developing minds broken and hopeless," he said.

"How dare a person/institution in power dictate a person's future prospects through a pre-set list of credentials and abilities?

"I got lucky. I found an alternative route to my dream job in radio and now online video - but for millions of kids around the world who have hidden intelligences and genius streaks in unconventional subjects they can go through life lost."


Riyadh feels that the health of young people is affected during the exams.

"There is a reason the mental health of today's youth is so f*cked up," he said.

Riyadh also mentioned that while being prepared is important, being completely consumed by the Leaving Cert can have a very negative effect.

"You should study and study hard. But do not study to the point where your mental health and your happiness is put at risk, to the point where the relationship with your friends and family is put at risk."