Life | 7 months ago

Dinosaurs have been dead for a while.

We all know that. 65 million years of dead, and unlike bootcut jeans or musicals, there's no real sign of them making a comeback any time soon.

However, fear is funny thing.

People are afraid of all sorts of things that not only no longer exist, but there's a pretty decent chance that they've never existed. Like, y'know, ghosts and stuff.

So once fear gets involved, there's not a lot for your brain to do logically, other than send vibrations of pure fear through your body and tell it to run run RUN in the opposite direction.

And with that in mind, here's footage of a jogger looking like he was having a pleasant enough day in the park until a velociraptor suddenly appears in front of him.



Clip via Rémi GAILLARD

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