Life | 9 months ago

Imagine the amount of effort that went into this?

Golf, pool or snooker may not be your thing, but even if they aren’t, we implore you to spend two minutes of your life watching what might be the greatest trick shot we’ve ever seen.

Performed and filmed in the Allstars Sports Bar in Bristol, it involves multiple pool and snooker tables, multiple pool and snooker balls, multiple pool and snooker cues and a couple golf balls and the only human hand involved is the one making the putt at the start to get it all underway.

It’s already been featured on Sky Sports and attracted over a million views online and it deserves to get a few million more.

Attempting to provide an explanation is a fairly futile exercise; just watch and appreciate and remember to close your jaw at the end because it will undoubtedly drop at some stage during the clip below.



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