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Sometimes we just need the simplest things to make us laugh.

A well-timed fart joke can be the height of comedy when done right.

Hell, a well-time fart can be the height of comedy, in the right circumstances.

The point we're trying to make here is that you don't need Woody Allen writing hyper-intelligent punch-lines, or jokes that go on for minutes, or any of that messiness to laugh at something.

And to that end, we bring you Exhibit A:

Jamie Brosnan, who is in that scrum somewhere, sent the footage into us of him and a group of his mates from Kerry away on holiday in Santa Ponsa, Majorca.

Up in the hotel room, we see them all huddled around a microwave, the anticipation levels in the room building to a frenzy, waiting for that microwave to drop that "DING!", and once it does... by golly, does it all kick off.

Let's watch it again, shall we?


There is so much to enjoy here, condensed down to just ten seconds of footage.

The simple pleasures of waiting for a micro-wave to drop that ding-beat, so you and your mates can promptly lose your shit.


And we're gonna watch it again.

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