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02nd Jul 2016

WATCH: Presenter writhes in agony live on Polish TV as magician’s trick goes horribly wrong

Alan Loughnane

We don’t think he will be on TV again for a long time…

Breakfast show viewers in Poland were left in shock this morning when a magician’s trick went badly wrong on live television.

The show is called “Question For Breakfast”, and presenters Marzena Rogalska and Tomasz Kammel brought on magician Pan Ząbek to do some tricks for them on their show.

Ząbek was performing a kind of Russian Roulette trick where he hides a spike in one of three paper bags, similar to a trick Keith Barry has performed before… with much different results.

The magician enlisted the help of Rogalska to perform the trick, using her hand to slap down on the “empty” bags leaving the one with the spike remaining.

But it didn’t turn out like this.

Video via EJDI & JEBANY

Marzena Rogalska went off screen and Kimmel presented the next section of the show on his own, when she returned, her hand was heavily bandaged.

Just for reference, here’s how the trick should be done, as shown by Keith Barry.

Video via chancanasta

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