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10th Aug 2017

WATCH: Man takes first date to a haunted house

Kymann Power

When you come up with ideas for a date, the things that might spring to mind could be dinner, a movie or maybe a visit to the zoo. However, Dara Dynamite decided to shake things up a little on his first date.

After securing a date with a girl called Mary, everything seemed to get off to a positive start. Things took a little turn though when Dara decided that it would be a better idea to go down an unconventional route with the whole date. During the date, Dara insisted that it would be fun to go and check out a ‘haunted’ house. Hesitant at first, Mary eventually agreed to the bizarre idea.

Dara joined Paddy and Eoghan on to the JOE Show on Tuesday to fill them in on how the date went and whether Mary had been in touch since.

Have a look to see how things worked out…