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27th Dec 2018

WATCH: Mum in Westmeath gets very emotional when her son in Australia makes surprise Christmas visit

Rory Cashin


We’re not crying. YOU’RE CRYING!

Family being reunited at Christmas will always go to town on our emotions.

Especially when it is a surprise.

And ESPECIALLY when it involves an Irish Mammy, because their reactions are always so extra and are basically tactical emotional missiles aimed directly at our tear ducts.

Lauren Leahy sent in the footage of her brother arriving home from Australia, a complete surprise to the whole family:

“My sister asked them to smile for a picture to send it back to my 22-year-old brother Owen in Melbourne in Australia.

“Little did they know he was coming through the door and standing beside them after not seeing him for a year! My mother’s reaction is the best!

“Owen had sent us all WhatsApp pictures in his work uniform in Australia that he had taken a week previous so we did not suspect anything!”

Very clever stuff, Owen! Completely throwing them off your scent like that!

We’re very happy the Leahy family had such a surprisingly happy Christmas! Check out the emotional reunion right here:

Cheers to Lauren Leahy for sending this our way. Got a story for JOE? Fill out our online form here.