WATCH: New rap video for ‘Dry Ass Pinty’ will provide the kick you need to do Dry January 2 years ago

WATCH: New rap video for ‘Dry Ass Pinty’ will provide the kick you need to do Dry January

Brought to you by So.Beer

It’s the first month of 2021 and for many, that means Dry January has arrived.


Dry January means taking a break from alcohol for a month and Irish rappers Evans Junior and Celaviedmai have provided the perfect soundtrack to accompany you on your journey.

The pair have teamed up with So.Beer to promote 'Dry Ass Pinty' for Dry January with this hilarious parody of 'WAP' by Cardi B.

The clip was filmed at locations such as Bray Bowl and The Liberties and features a host of famous faces, including social media stars Michael Fry and Fabu D.

With lyrics about the hangover-related nausea and headaches that we’ve all experienced, the two rappers offer up a range of reasons why we should go dry this January – all set to a beat that will be stuck in your head all day!


The crew lay down dry and wet ass lyrics encouraging people to give booze a break for January in a video made in partnership with So.Beer, a non-alcoholic, health boosting lager.

So.Beer has built-in immune support, is packed with complex B-vitamins, minerals and The Naked Collective's immunoboost formula that comes in two flavours: Light Refreshing and Grapefruit.

So, it's a beer with benefits. The only one, in fact. The So.Beer formulation has actually been proven to boost the immune system and promote good health in over 50 scientific studies.


Speaking about the stellar work of Evans Junior and Celaviedmai, Catherina Butler, Joint CEO of So.Beer, said: “The DAP message is what we all need to hear in Ireland this January. Lots of us overdo it during Christmas, and especially with the challenges that we faced in 2020, a Dry January is more important than ever!

"In creating the DAP video, we wanted to showcase the best in young Irish rap and dance talent. Taking inspiration from one of the most well-known rap tracks of 2020, we want DAP to be an anthem for health and wellness in 2021!”

So.Beer is available in stores across Ireland and online here.

Brought to you by So Beer