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05th Apr 2017

WATCH: This is the Pepsi ad that everyone is talking about this morning

Tony Cuddihy

Kendall Jenner decides to join the revolution, whatever the revolution is.

The non-Kardashian Kardashian has thrown off her oppressors and her blonde wig (you can’t be a blonde protestor, after all, EVERYONE knows that) to protest against the injustices of the world in Pepsi’s new ad.

No more photoshoots, no more Instagram feeds and no more parties, she knows that the only way to achieve world peace is to proffer a cold can of pop to a particularly stern, particularly handsome riot policeman and all will be right with the world again.

Released overnight, the ad has received a hell of a lot of publicity and Jenner – with her stunning transition from flame-haired dilettante to dusky rabble rouser – is surely just a sip or two away from her own Marvel franchise.

For this is marvellous.

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