WATCH: Pornhub has launched a new “Sexercise” program called ‘Bang Fit’ 6 years ago

WATCH: Pornhub has launched a new “Sexercise” program called ‘Bang Fit’

Pornhub wants you to get "fit as f*ck"

Pornhub's new sex and fitness site – the aptly named 'BangFit' – claims to be "the fitness method gyms don’t want you to know about."


BangFit works like a game; first asking players to choose from either '1-player', '2-player cooperative' or 'multiplayer' modes, then offering you a series of fun exercises and sex positions to experiment with.

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Unfortunately, right now BangFit is only for heterosexual participants. But knowing Pornhub, we can probably expect to see an updated and inclusive 2.0 version released any day now.

The company stresses that the app, available on iPhone from today, is designed to fight against our "sedentary lifestyle" and get you moving again. Via email, Bangfit told Mashable:


"Bangfit was designed after exhaustive research through the thousands of sexercise studies/articles, consulting with health and fitness experts and professionals (including personal trainers) and cross referencing that with anecdotal evidence on what are the most fun sex positions."

In a separate press release, Corey Price, PornHub's Vice President, said:

"Here at Pornhub, we know from experience that there’s one activity people are always motivated to do and one for which they are never too busy. That’s getting busy."

'BangFit' has it's own (surprisingly SFW) website, which can be found at


Or, alternatively, visit to get it on your smartphone.

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