WATCH: This Riverdance spoof a community put together to fundraise for their local church 7 months ago

WATCH: This Riverdance spoof a community put together to fundraise for their local church

Only in Ireland...

We may all fancy ourselves a bit of a Michael Flatley most nights after a few drinks, but a group of performers from Carrickbeg in County Waterford have put us all to shame with an old video of theirs that seems to have resurfaced.

The video is of a group of locals who rallied together to put on something special in order to repair their church's impaired roof. And boy, did they just do that.

Local woman Ruthie Raggett got in touch with JOE to tell us more about her talented community:

'This piece was the finale of a fundraiser to raise money to put new roof on a Church in Co. Waterford back in April 2014. The group in the video is made up of local men and women who fundraise regularly for local and national charities and organisations.

''The part of Jean Butler is played by local carpenter Benny Raggett. He has also played Britney Spears, Patrick Swayzee, Elsa from Frozen, and Justin Bieber in the past as well as taking part in the full Monty.

''Locally renowned actress Paula O'Dwyer is Michael Flatley. She is famous for her uncanny Tina Turner impersonation and has also portrayed Michael Jackson, Honey G and Imelda May in previous productions.''

Raggett went on to inform us that her pals are a lot more than just pretty faces...


''The group are currently in the early stages of planning their next event which will be in aid of the homeless.''


I guess now all there is is to show you all the video.

Sit back, relax and prepare for 4.55 minutes of hearty belly laughs.

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