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14th Oct 2016

WATCH: Scientists have created a video that will make people hallucinate

Carl Kinsella


In case you’ve never stumbled into “that part” of a music festival, now might be your chance to experience a hallucination.

A research team from University of New South Wales Australia put together a video that features a white dot and ring flashing on a black background, which could cause viewers to start to hallucinate grey blobs.

“People don’t see windmills, lines, or different colours; they just hallucinate grey blobs. Once the hallucination is stable like this, with just the blobs, we can start to objectively investigate the underlying mechanisms.”

“We have known for more than 100 years that flickering light can cause almost anyone to experience a hallucination. However, the unpredictability, complexity and personal nature of these hallucinations make them difficult to measure scientifically.”

The purpose of the video is to better understand hallucinations so that they can be treated when they crop up as part of illnesses like Parkinson’s Disease.

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