Every Guinness fan needs to try these brand new experimental beers 1 year ago

Every Guinness fan needs to try these brand new experimental beers

Brought to you by Guinness Open Gate Brewery

From raspberry and black pepper porter to an exclusive Six Nations pale ale, here's where you can try some cool new brews...


If you're a Guinness fan, you'll know know that their brewers are experts when it comes to creating a delicious pint, and any new brew they come up with is well worth trying.

But what if we told you that Guinness has loads of delicious, experimental brews that you may not have even heard of?

The Guinness Open Gate Brewery has a rotating calendar of new and exclusive experimental beers, and they're a must-try for any Guinness fan.

Exclusively available at the brewery, this rotating menu includes some brand new brews, like a Raspberry & Black Pepper Porter and a limited-edition Guinness Six Nations Pale Ale.


The rest of the menu includes unique pours such as Helles Lager and Apricot & Peach Brett, but these beers will only be serving for a limited time.

And visitors to the brewery can also enjoy some classic favourites such as Guinness, Hop House 13, Rockshore Cider and Citra IPA, so there's sure to be something on offer for everyone.

The brewery plans to continue pushing the boundaries of flavour by launching more new beers later this year, including a Sea Salt & Lime Lager and a Chocolate Orange Stout. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those over the coming months.


Plus, the Guinness Open Gate Brewery will be showing all of the Guinness Six Nations matches over the next few weeks, and it's the perfect occasion to try out these new brews while enjoying the rugby.

They'll be showing the games on their incredible ONE HUNDRED INCH SCREEN and they'll have all of these drink options available, including their new beers and their exciting rotating menu of exclusive brews and bites, such as shrimp and lime arancini and loaded vegan ‘dirty’ fries.

With 250 years of brewing history, the Guinness Open Gate Brewery is a must-visit for fans of the black stuff, and you can't stop by without trying one of their very cool experimental brews which are exclusively available at the brewery.


And, of course, the Guinness Open Gate Brewery also runs a delicious food menu, making it the ultimate spot to catch up with friends and family for the Six Nations rugby.

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Please drink responsibly. 

Brought to you by Guinness Open Gate Brewery