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27th Dec 2018

WATCH: Tipperary Dad tries VR for the first time… and the last time

Rory Cashin


The reality is virtual, but the pain is real!

We all know that VR can be… troublesome. At times. For some.

It sets off an inner ear issue for certain folk, or they might get a little too caught up in the R part of the VR, and their actual surroundings pay the price.

We’ve played with the scary virtual reality stuff before and even though we know it is fake, we can’t help but scream in fright sometimes. These things happen!

And they happened again to one poor chap this Christmas.

Sandra Griffin from Silvermines in Tipperary sent us in the video, and gave us a little backstory, too:

“We are always trying to teach the parents new technology because my Dad can barely use his phone at times! So, for a little entertainment on Christmas Day we said we would give him his first experience on a rollercoaster!

“He was reluctant at first but eventually came around after we said it was completely safe and your standing on two feet the entire time in the middle of a living room!

“But 15 seconds in, and the roller coaster only starting to take off…. so did he! Disappointed I didn’t stay recording for another few seconds but we all got such a fright until we heard him giving out!

“Needless to say he wouldn’t try it again… not even in an armchair! Surprisingly, telly and VR system came away unscathed! It made our Christmas because we were still laughing at 11pm that night!”

Well, we’re very happy to hear that Martin and Paddy (the guy who tries to save him) are both fine, and more importantly, all of the technology survived!

Cheers to Sandra Griffin for sending this our way. Got a story for JOE? Fill out our online form here.