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20th Jul 2017

WATCH: Two men attempt to break as many Guinness World Records as possible… in the office


“That’s great… for a child…”

The JOE Show this week was home to brilliant music from BARQ, comedy and soft drinks from the hilarious Tony Cantwell and stories about Kendrick and Conor McGregor from Ireland’s most exciting photographer, Christian Tierney.

On this week’s What’s The Story, we saw Kymann and myself attempt a series of world records, looking to write our names into the history books.

We didn’t have anyone from Guinness on hand to verify our new records, but we did have Cat Stewart, dragged from her desk to watch the clock and keep us on the straight and narrow.

Attempt #1 involved stacking as many CDs on a single finger as we could within 60 seconds. The record stood at 51 (or so we thought) and despite our best efforts, we couldn’t manage more than a paltry 12.

Record #2 was more attainable – sticking as many Post-It notes as possible to our faces within a minute (Record – 54). Kymann went the conventional route of sticking them on one-by-one, whereas I attempted to use gravity and rule-bending to seal immortality.

Needless to say, my effort was disqualified.

Our third and final attempt involved eating Smarties with chopsticks. Kymann’s Asian roots came to the fore as he wielded the chopsticks with considerable proficiency, finishing with an (unofficial) score of one. I wasn’t quite so fortunate and failed to reach the world record of 22.

Back on set, Paddy and Eoghan even had a crack at a world record – do you think you could break one? Check out our magnificent efforts right here…