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16th Aug 2017

WATCH: Two men attempt Ireland’s hottest chicken wings and it doesn’t end well

Kymann Power

A number of weeks ago Joe Gorman and I made a trip to Spice ‘n’ Rice to take on Ireland’s hottest curry. The curry was pretty hot but definitely bearable. This week I felt confident and figured it was time to take on Ireland’s hottest chicken wings in Bad Bobs, with Dara Dynamite. I would later discover that this was one of the worst decisions that I have ever made.

Many people commonly mistake the Ghost chilli pepper as the hottest pepper in the world when in fact it’s actually the Carolina Reaper. Bad Bobs head chef Ralph Utto uses this pepper along with a number of other secret ingredients to create his signature wing sauce, ‘Devil’s Blood.’ The process of making the sauce takes a number of weeks and the sauce ranks at 5-7 million Scoville units. To provide some context, Tabasco ranks at 2000 units.

Initially, I had no concerns before the challenge, but as we watched Ralph prepare the wings, staff in the kitchen soon began coughing due to the capsaicin from the chilli sauce entering the air. At this point, both Dara and I became very nervous about taking on the challenge. We were also given gloves for our ‘own safety’ which heightened the nerves even more.

If you think that you’re brave enough to take on this challenge then think twice. Only seven out of approximately 1000 people have finished all 13 wings. You will suffer from the heat and I don’t use that phrase lightly. A big thank you to Ralph for… looking after us?

Think you have what it takes? Make sure you come prepared.

Here’s how Dara and I got on…