WATCH: Two men travel to North County Dublin to face each other in tense shoot-off 11 months ago

WATCH: Two men travel to North County Dublin to face each other in tense shoot-off

Target shooting? We'll give it a shot...

Episode 11 of The JOE Show kicked off with a bang, featuring exclusive interviews, brilliant comedy sketches and a great twist on a modern hit from DJ and recording artist Road Wives.

On What's The Story, we saw myself and Kymann Power become gunmen, as we faced each other in a shoot-off at the Courtlough Shooting Grounds in Balbriggan.

Under the watchful eye of Donal from Courtlough, we locked and loaded a double-barrelled Beretta and grabbed a sackful of clay pigeons to pick off on the range.

After a quick tutorial, we began the first task, each firing seven shots at clays coming from afar towards us.

After that, it was shooting at a target 'going away' - Kymann had now built a commanding lead of 11-8 from the first fifteen shots but the double was still to come.

In the final round, I clawed my way back in front and Kymann had a rare loss of composure (possibly aided by heckling) to leave us with a final score from three rounds of 15-15.


Game on.

The tie-breaker was a 'rabbit' - a luminous orange clay target fired along the ground at speed. It bounced and rattled along unpredictably, hitting divots and lumps of turf - but this was where I found my range, hitting three out of four rabbits.

In perhaps the finest comeback since Istanbul 2005, the pressure got to the normally uncrackable Kymann. He missed three shots to leave us with a final score of 18-16, handing me the crown of the finest marksman in North Dublin (sort of).

Think you could improve on our sharpshooting? Check out our effort below!


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