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02nd Oct 2017

WATCH: These two try out electric powered skateboards for the first time


This could be the future of your commute to work.

Have you ever wanted to try an electric skateboard? Well, Kymann Power and Dara Dynamite certainly did.

On this week’s episode of the JOE Show, Kymann and Dara got to try out some of the latest tech toys such as the E-GO2 from

These electric-powered skateboards can get to a speed of 20km/h and take you as far as 29kms on a full charge. Kymann and Dara had no intention of the going that far, however. Instead, they put their shaky, fledgling legs on the powerful wheels and they each took one test run down to the carpark before deciding to have a competitive head-to-head race on the boards.

The difference from the initial test run was clear. Kymann had a few stumbles while negotiating the accelerator on the skateboard’s remote and Dara stood up confidently and whizzed off into the distance.

Yet, the competitive rivalry soon kicked in when someone mentioned a race.

Watch the video below to see who emerged triumphant…