This unseasonably warm weather looks set to continue into 2019 4 years ago

This unseasonably warm weather looks set to continue into 2019

No White Christmas. And no White NYE, either.

Anyone hoping for the ultimate romantic moment to happen just as the clock is about to hit midnight on New Year's Eve on Monday night is going to be left sorely disappointed.


Yep, just like Christmas Day was left entirely without snow here, and was actually pretty mild for late-December, it looks like this warmer-than-it-should-be weather is going to continue strong into 2019.

Met Éireann have released their prediction for the next week, and everyone who bought big jumpers and sweat-inducing, thermally-insulated jackets are going to feel like they've wasted their money.

Tonight (Thursday) will only drop to between 6 and 9 degrees, while Friday looks set to be the coldest of the week, but only for the northern counties where temperatures are set to drop to 2 degrees, but the rest of the country will likely not get any lower than 5.

The weekend looks positively summery, with temperatures getting as high as 13 degrees, although there are chances of patchy rain and fog across the two days.


Monday (New Year's Eve) will also be mostly dry, with temperatures staying around 7 to 10 degrees, while Tuesday (New Year's Day) will bring cloud, mist, and fog, but slightly higher temperatures.

Now, weather is a slippery one, and things could change significantly over the next week or so. But also, remember, it wasn't until well into January in 2018 that we got that huge snow front that practically brought the country to a standstill. So just because we don't have it now doesn't mean we won't be getting it all this year.