Bereaved parents set up GoFundMe surfing initiative for kids in Direct Provision 5 years ago

Bereaved parents set up GoFundMe surfing initiative for kids in Direct Provision

This is a fantastic idea that fully deserves support.

A new charity program has been set up in part by two surfers who wish to share their love of surfing and the sea with some of the disadvantaged kids in Ireland who are currently living in Direct Provision centres.


The GoFundMe page explains that "Welcome Wave want to share our ocean and the unique joy of surfing with disadvantaged children living in Direct Provision Centres in Cork City and Clonakilty". The initiative aims to bring 24 children between the ages of eight and eighteen for four surf therapy sessions to Inchydoney Beach in West Cork.

"This project is a collaborative," the page states, "between Sara and Sam Hunt, who are motivated in remembrance of their daughter Zoey and Like Water, a social change initiative, founded by surfer-scientist Dr. Easkey Britton, one of Ireland's most accomplished surfers.

"Sara and Sam have a love for surfing and the ocean, it is what brought them together and makes them happy. They sadly lost their daughter Zoey, after a few days of life, in March 2018."

Speaking to JOE, Sara said that "we had a really hard time grieving for her and basically we wanted to share opportunities that she might have had, with other kids who mightn't have them."


Sara told us that she felt that help for kids in direct provision was an area that was under-represented. "Personally, I hadn't heard of many organisations who worked with them. But I worked with the moms who live in direct provisions, and I just felt for them."

"The parents are not able to able to work, and they're not able to provide certain things for them, and we wanted to provide them with a nice play outdoors."

"Surfing is what we love to do. It is what helps us with our worries even when it cold and wet and windy, and it brings us happiness, and we wanted to share that."

The full details of the GoFundMe page can be found here. The initiative begins on Saturday, 8th September, with costs going towards the surf school and a bus to transport the kids, as well as lunches for when the children get out of the water.


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