Where are they now: Stars of the internet 6 years ago

Where are they now: Stars of the internet

Ever wonder what happens when the timer hits zero and internet stars' fifteen minutes of fame are over?



Yeah, us neither... until today, when we decided to look-up our former favourites of the web.

So without further ado...

Chris Crocker "Leave Britney Alone"

You may remember Chris' super-camp rant asking the world's media to leave Britney alone.

If not, then give it another look here... or don't, we're not your mother.


Well Chris is now a champion cage fighter... we kid, he's actually a porn star.


He also had a highly credible HBO documentary made about him.

A fairly varied career since the Britney video, we think you'll agree.

Tay Zonday: "Chocolate Rain"

You remember Tay as the guy who made millions of Irish children ask their parents why Ireland's rain is plain 'ol precipitation. Here's his tune.


Zonday has since starred in a Comedy Central special and in Adult Swim's Robot Chicken. These days he's a regular contributor to The Jack and Triumph Show.

Antoine Dodson - Hide yo wife

If you don't know who Antoine Dodson is, you need to correct that immediatly. Back in 2010 he gave an interview to a news station.


Then it just got bigger, as things are one to do on the internet. This 'BED INTRUDER SONG!!!' was the result.

He actually did try to be a cage fighter... against the intruder who entered his sister's house.


Since then, Dodson has tried out several careers, including reality TV, acting and music. He's also been arrested a whole heap of times, but we won't get into that.

Gary Brolsma (Numa Numa Guy)

You remember him as the large guy getting a little bit too carried away to a dance track.

Since then,he's released an album, which was aptly called Weird Tempo. Apart from that, he's basically just been trying to make cash off singing a song really enthusiastically.


David After Dentist

This was the kid whose cruel/hilarious father videotaped him after he came out of the dentist inebriated.

So what is he at now? Not much... what did you expect, he's only 15!

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