This handy map shows the Wi-Fi password for hundreds of airports around the world 6 years ago

This handy map shows the Wi-Fi password for hundreds of airports around the world

This will come in very handy if you're looking to kill time on your travels.

Travelling is great, but the process of getting to your destination can be a very trying exercise at times, especially when you have to put up with hassles such as queues, connecting flights and delays at an airport.


In this day and age, it's even worse if you can't find a Wi-Fi connection to prevent tedium and while away an hour or two on your smartphone, but travel blogger Anil Polat is here to help.

In April of last year, Anil published a map on his blog of Wi-Fi passwords in airports around the world that he and readers and followers of his blog had come across on their travels.

Although the map - in which airports are easily accessed by clicking on the plane icon on their location on the map - was first published on Anil's website in April 2016, he updates it regularly, with the most recent update coming today, March 21.


Dublin Airport is one of hundreds of airports on the map, with Anil encouraging fellow travellers to make him aware of Wi-Fi passwords that he has yet to document, as well as changes to the passwords of airports on the map, which are changed frequently.

To do so, you can check out how to contact Anil here, as well as checking out his tips on how to get wireless passwords at airports when they don't have free Wi-Fi here.

Not having Internet access at an airport might be a first world problem, but boy will a lot of people be glad there's a solution.