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01st Jul 2024

Woman ends up on same flight as boss after taking a sick day

Charlie Herbert

Nightmare scenario

A woman was left in the unenviable situation of being on the same flight as her boss – after she’d rang in sick.

Bumping into your boss outside of work would be awkward at the best of times, but pretty unlikely.

So you’d have to be pretty unfortunate to end up on the same flight as them, on the same day you’ve just pulled a sickie.

But that’s exactly what happened to Grace (@grachevaaleidya) a TikToker who had called in sick so that she could hop on a flight to Bali, Indonesia.

She works freelance as a content creator for a European company, but often travels back home to her native Bali.

After realising she needed to return to Indonesia, she told her company that she had an appointment with a doctor because she was sick, so wouldn’t be able to work that day.

When she boarded the flight though, she opened her phone to see a picture of her manager, who had taken a crafty photo of Grace on the flight.

In a TikTok about the ordeal, Grace wrote: “Me taking a sickday just to end up in the same airplane as my manager”

The video has racked up more than 1 million views, with many taking to the comments to react to this pretty nightmarish scenario.

One person commented: “I’d cry like a baby and give my resignation letter.”

Another said: “Not the manager labelling the photo as ‘me’ lmao”

Other shared similar scenarios they’d experience, with one person writing: “I thought it was bad when my manager phoned, because I texted her I was sick. I had to answer the phone while at the airport. There was announcements like boarding at gate number in the background.”

Someone else recalled: “I had this happen in college.. was planning to be “ill” to get out of homework. Ended up on the plane to turkey with my teacher.”

It turns out that Grace and her manager had actually bumped into each other before boarding the plane, so she’d been caught before they both sat down mere metres from each other.

She told Newsweek: “Long story short, I was waiting in the line, and then I saw a familiar face coming to me, which called my name.”

When her boss saw her, he sarcastically asked: “Oh, so this is a hospital?”

It seemed like he saw the humour in the situation though, with Grace saying that they were both “laughing together” about the whole thing.

She said: “We ended up talking all the way to the airplane and while we’re inside, he took that picture and sent it to me.”

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