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10th Dec 2017

The word ‘Tansplaining’ is about to take over social media after Adam Boulton’s outburst

Tony Cuddihy


Who doesn’t love it when British people try to explain Irish history to us?

If you’re sick of seeing stuff British politicians telling us how we should run our country – while Theresa May, Boris Johnson et al make a complete pig’s mickey of theirs – we have the perfect hashtag for that.

Enter #Tansplaining.

It used to mean this, back in the more innocent days of 2015.

But now it means something else entirely.

If the hashtag lay dormant for a while, it was woken up by the likes of Adam Boulton confirming that the Irish people had pissed on his chips.

You can read more about that here.

Gavin Sheridan went in search of a word for exactly that kind of arrogance…

…and he finally got the perfect response.

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