PIC: When co-workers steal your milk, action must be taken 2 years ago

PIC: When co-workers steal your milk, action must be taken

Not even a drop free for tea.

It's eleven o'clock. Your break isn't for another few hours and as you stare at your computer screen, you can feel yourself hitting a wall. You try and soldier on but your brain isn't functioning and with only five hours sleep last night, your eyes are giving way too.

You need a pick me up, you need a cup of tea. As you head into the staff canteen, the noise and loud chatter have already perked you up a little bit and with the help of a tea bag in a cup, you'll be ready to rock until lunchtime.

However, to your dismay, as you open the fridge you realise that there is no milk left. That's funny you think, you brought in a carton for the office just this morning, how can it be all gone?

You're always the one replacing the empty milk carton and you've had enough of it. Well, this office in England has come up with the perfect way of making sure that your milk will be untouchable.

Desperate times call for desperate measures but in this case, it's hard to know who is the worst person in this situation - the person not replacing the milk, the person who has put padlocks on their milk or the inventor of the padlocks itself.

This poor Twitter user was hurt to find that he hadn't access to a carton of milk to add to his bowl of cereal and his early cup of tea to get him through the morning rush.

The people of social media had mixed feelings about the whole debacle. Some found the locks to be an unnecessary idea, others thought they were a work of genius and some even shared their own experience of having items of food and drink being stolen from them.