Dublin ranked in 50 most beautiful cities in the world 1 year ago

Dublin ranked in 50 most beautiful cities in the world

Five of the top ten most beautiful cities are right here in Europe.

One of the primary reasons why we travel is to make people jealous with our fuego Insta-feed.


"Look how pretty!?", we seem to be asking our followers, feeding entirely on their jealousy-fuelled likes and comments.

Well, the folks at the Flight Network are also well aware of this, having compiled the votes from over 1,000 travel writers, travel bloggers, and travel agencies from all around the globe, asking them all the same question: Which city is the most beautiful in the world?

There are, obviously, some entirely predictable entries at the top of the list, but there is only one Irish city in the entire top 50, with Dublin ranking at No.45, slotted between Cartagena in Colombia at 44, and Marrakesh in Morocco at 46.

Check out the top ten in full right here:

10. Rome - Italy

9. Sydney, New South Wales - Australia

8. San Francisco, California - United States Of America


7. Cape Town - South Africa

6. Barcelona, Catalonia - Spain

5. Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada

4. Venice - Italy

3. London, England - United Kingdom


2. New York - United States Of America

1. Paris - France

And you can check out the full top 50 right here.