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19th Oct 2017

The best beer in the world has just been named

Ever tried this beer?



It was the first drink ever to get five stars at the Beer Awards.

The British beer brand Hofmeister Helles has scooped up the coveted best lager in the world prize at the 2017 Beer Awards.

It is also the first lager to be awarded the full five-star mark in the esteemed competition which is in its second year and is run by the International Wine & Spirits Group.

The best drink is decided by a series of blind taste tests. The win is extra special for the British-born brand after it was taken off pub shelves 13 years ago because their sales began to fall.

It has a low alcohol content of 5% and experts believe that the drink became less popular among punters because higher strength lager became more in-demand.

However, in recent years the Bavarian-based lager returned to its roots and began producing authentic Helles lager which they believed was good enough to win the award.

The revamped Hofmeister has been crafted by a family-owned brewery just outside of the Ebersberger Forest in southern Germany.

It is a totally different beer to the original, with lower carbonation and a lighter, golden blonde colour.

“It is a gentle, highly complex beer, which showcases lager brewing at its best and the importance of good quality raw materials,” said Tim Hampson, judge and chairman of the Beer Writers Guild.

“It’s light, bright and very drinkable. Very well balanced. It is hard to cut corners when brewing a beer of this style.”

The drink used to be produced in a Scottish brewery but since its reincarnation, it is now directly imported from Bavaria.

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