New restaurant is bringing one of the world's best hangover foods to Ireland 1 week ago

New restaurant is bringing one of the world's best hangover foods to Ireland

This will be very, very popular.

Canada, eh? What's that abooot?

Well, aside from Wayne Gretzky, Ryan Reynolds, Alanis Morissette, Bryan Adams, Arcade Fire and about 37 million other people that are inhabiting a massive and beautiful country, it may be home to one of the world's most delicious hangovers.

Ladies and gents, if you've never tried poutine then you're in luck.

Essentially, the dish consists of fresh hand cut fries, topped with delicious squeaky cheesy curds and smothered in a special gravy mix.

If you're being fancy, you can throw a few extra ingredients into the mix like chicken, bacon and pretty much anything that takes your fancy, but the holy trinity must remain: chips, cheese and gravy.

If you're on a night out in Galway and fancy some decent poutine then you're in luck because Paddy's Poutine has just opened and they claim to be Ireland's first exclusive poutine restaurant.


Granted, we've seen various pop-ups that make poutine but this could be the first time that a restaurant is solely focused on making the delicacy.

Originally starting out as a food truck, the business has since expanded to bigger pastures but they're still sticking to what made them so famous, their original flavours and cooking.

The restaurant is located on Dominick street, Galway and here's a mouthwatering look at what's in store.

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