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03rd Mar 2019

Behold, the world’s most expensive hotel room

Dave Hanratty

Worlds most expensive hotel room

Anyone have a couple of hundred grand lying around?

Forget what you think you know about lavish and expensive hotel-based accommodation.

Las Vegas – it was always going to be Las Vegas, wasn’t it? – has just raised the game.

Bloomberg has an in-depth photo-essay of the ‘Empathy Suite’ in the Palms Casino Resort Sky Villa, which has been designed by renowned British artist Damien Hirst.

Located on the resort’s 34th floor, the suite will set you back $100,000 (€87,873) a night, only you have to sign up for a minimum two-night stay. Always a catch.

What are you getting for your money, then?

For starters, views such as this:

Empathy Suite 1

And this:

Empathy Suite 2

And this:

You get the extremely opulent picture.

Comprising 9,000 square feet, the suite boasts a 13-seat bar – that’s medical waste in the countertop, for some reason – two lounges, media theatre areas, a jacuzzi, two master bedrooms and massage rooms, as well as two-and-a-half bathrooms.

Overall, the suite can play host to up to 52 people, with a dining area that seats eight guests.

As befitting the kind of elite clientele that will reside here, there’s also 24-hour butler service, $10,000 credit to use at the resort, access to exclusive venues and plenty of Hirst’s art installations to enjoy, if you’re into such extravagance.

So yeah, if you end up going, give us a shout?

Images via The Hollywood Reporter

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