The world's most popular baby names for 2018 have been revealed 2 years ago

The world's most popular baby names for 2018 have been revealed

Did your name make the cut?

The Christmas season is a joyous time for parents as they get ready for the arrival of Santa and the inevitable destruction that follows as their household gets turned into a warzone with wrapping paper, scattered boxes and a plethora of toys that make more noise than World War II.


Ah kids, they're great!

As is tradition, the end of the year always brings about the inevitable 'end of lists' and as 2018 draws to a close, it appears that the classics are still thriving when it comes to the names of newborn babies.

Sadly, despite the best efforts of Theresa May, Donald Trump, and Fernando Nuno La-Fuente to dominate the headlines and pop-culture zeitgeist, it appears that the classic names are still very popular around the world.

However, A Star is Born fans will be particularly interested to see the name that tops the boys' list.

BabyCenter has surveyed 742,000 new parents to put together lists of the top 20 most popular boys and girls names this year. As BabyCenter is based in the US, it's hardly a surprise to see that there might not be as many Irish names on there as we'd like, but there are still plenty you'll recognise.

The most popular baby girl name for 2018 was Sophia, which has maintained the number one spot for nine years, and for the boys, Jackson came out on top.

Here are the list for both genders in full:
1 Sophia Jackson
2 Olivia Liam
3 Emma Noah
4 Ava Aiden
5 Isabella Caden
6 Aria Grayson
7 Riley Lucas
8 Amelia Mason
9 Mia Oliver
10 Layla Elijah
11 Zoe Logan
12 Mila Carter
13 Charlotte Ethan
14 Harper Muhammad
15 Lily Jayden
16 Chloe Michael
17 Aaliyah James
18 Adalyn Sebastian
19 Evelyn Alexander
20 Avery Mateo
21 Aubrey Jacob
22 Ella Ryan
23 Camilla Benjamin
24 Nora Daniel
25 Scarlett William
26 Maya Jack
27 Emily Julian
28 Abigail Leo
29 Madison Jayce
30 Eliana Caleb
31 Luna Luke
32 Ellie Henry
33 Hannah Gabriel
34 Arianna Matthew
35 Kinsley Wyatt
36 Elizabeth Owen
37 Leah Connor
38 Hailey Josiah
39 Sarah Levi
40 Victoria David
41 Paisley Isaac
42 Elena John
43 Penelope Carson
44 Everly Cameron
45 Madelyn Isaiah
46 Addison Asher
47 Grace Lincoln
48 Brooklyn Adam
49 Charlie Nicholas
50 Isabelle Landon