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10th May 2018

Here are the worst habits that Irish people have on dates

Paul Moore


An interesting look at the Irish dating scene.

With news that Facebook are about to launch an online dating platform to rival Tinder, it seems like singletons will have even more opportunity to find a certain someone.

Sure, if all else fails then you can always go on First Dates!

iReach have conducted a survey of 1,000 adults about the dating habits of Irish people and some of the information is pretty interesting.

Surprisingly, only 15% of adults in Ireland have ever been on a blind date and 23% have been stood up at least once.


When it turns to the ideal quality that people are looking for in a partner, it turns out that being trustworthy is the number one trait to have.

Being kind-hearted and funny are second and third respectively. Fairly standard.

With regards to the most popular locations for a first date and the ‘Do’s & Don’ts’ on a date, this information is pretty insightful.

Top 5 locations for a first date: 1. Restaurant/Pub/Bar (70%), 2. Cinema (21%), 3. Ice Cream Café (15%), 4. Zoo (13%) and 5. Theatre (10%).

Top 5 worst habits on a dinner date: 1. Spend too much time on the phone (69%), 2. Have bad manners (63%), 3. Be rude to the wait staff (63%), 4. Talk about the ex and 5. Drink too much (47%).

It differs when it comes to genders because women think that the worst attribute in a partner is bad manners (79%) and for men its spending too much time on their phone (59%).

Well, each to their own but if you go on a date with someone that has bad manners and is always on their phone, a second date probably won’t happen.

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