Would you eat a sausage made of Kanye West? Then this could be great news for you 7 years ago

Would you eat a sausage made of Kanye West? Then this could be great news for you

We're still not 100 per cent convinced this isn't an early April Fool joke but whatever it is, it is one hell of an idea.

We all like a bit of salami but would you like some cured meat even more if it was made of 30 per cent Kanye West? Or Jennifer Lawrence? Well then a crowd called BiteLabs have just made your day. According to a report on Motherboard, they are '100 per cent serious' about selling sausages made up with actual celebrity meat.


But before you get worried that Kanye's leg is going to get thrown into a mincer, don't worry, it is nothing as sinister as that. Instead, the plan is to grow the meat in a lab from a sample of Kanye's flesh and use that instead. See, that's much better isn't it?

Motherboard got in touch with the folks behind BiteLabs to see if it was just an elaborate stunt and they were met with a very serious response from a spokesperson called 'Kevin'.

Kevin said they are "100 percent serious in prompting widespread discussion about bioethics, lab-grown meats, and celebrity culture—this is very important to us. Making celebrity meat a reality from there will all depend on our ability to build a user-base."

The proposed salami would be 30 per cent celebrity meat, 40 per cent lab-grown animal meat and the remainder would be fats and spices. Sounds delicious.

Other celebrities in line to be turned into sausages include Jennifer Lawrence, James Franco and Ellen DeGeneres.

As the article speculates this is either a PR stunt for a lab-grown meat producer, a social comment on global meat production and celebrity culture or a very elaborate prank.

Check out BiteLabs for yourself here and make your own minds up. And if it is real, we'll pass thanks.