These two 'Would you rather?' questions show just how moral you are 4 years ago

These two 'Would you rather?' questions show just how moral you are

Can we pick secret option c instead?

The concept of 'Would You Rather?' is relatively simple enough, you're given two unappealing choices and you have to pick between the two.


A group of researchers at Florida University has asked two very nasty 'Would You Rather?' questions; no matter what your choice, you won't be happy with the answer.

Question one:

Would you rather amputate your dominant hand or have a swastika tattooed prominently on your face?

Researchers found that out of 166 students at the University, 70% said they would rather lose their hand than be branded a Nazi.

Their next question was slightly worse, but had a closer outcome.

Question two:

Would you rather die right now or live into your 90s, but be widely known as a paedophile?


Of the 115 people questioned, 53% said they would rather die immediately.

The aim of the study was to prove that keeping our moral reputation is among humanity's most important values.

Study co-author Andrew J Vonasch, now at the University of North Carolina, told Seeker:

"People are willing to do many things to avoid a bad reputation that other theories might not have predicted.

"Certainly, we already knew that people cared about their reputations, but this research shows that we care a whole lot about it, and we argue that this is because the self fundamentally serves social purposes."

You can find the full study here.