WATCH: Meet Lucie Ashmore, a young Irish musician who reinvented herself in the US 1 year ago

WATCH: Meet Lucie Ashmore, a young Irish musician who reinvented herself in the US

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After overcoming serious self-doubt, Lucie Ashmore is now writing her own songs and performing live on stage.

Becoming a musician is never easy, regardless of how much natural ability you may have. A lack of confidence is something that can affect just about anyone, and overcoming those doubts is often one of the biggest challenges you'll ever face.

One musician who has overcome those doubts is 21-year-old Lucie Ashmore from Greystones. Despite the fact she's now looking to "slowly take over the world" by writing songs and selling out concerts, she said that there was a time when she would struggle with even the most basic of social encounters.

As part of #TimeToShine, in association with Wrigley's Extra, we wanted to hear from people like Lucie who have overcome a lack of confidence. Now at a stage in her life where she can look back at how she conquered those doubts, her story is one that can be of benefit to any young people looking to reach their potential.

"People haven't always been there for me, but music has... I found myself finding comfort and feeling safe within music," Lucie told us.

Watch the video below to hear more about Lucie's story, or head to her YouTube channel to see why she had no reason to ever doubt her musical ability.

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Brought to you by Wrigley's Extra