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31st Jul 2019

A YouTuber family are selling a doll version of their baby son

Alan Loughnane

I really don’t understand the world anymore.

A YouTuber family from the UK are selling their fans a doll version of their four-month-old son.

The Ingham family, vloggers on YouTube and led by parents Chris and Sarah, have garnered themselves an impressive 1.2 million subscribers for chronicling the lives of their four young children.

The Inghams posted a video titled, “WE HAVE A VERY SPECIAL SECRET TO TELL – HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!” on their YouTube channel in July and said they’d created a life-like doll of their son in collaboration with doll shop Mary Shortle.

“We are beyond excited to be working with the lovely Mary Shortle on this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, strictly limited edition baby Jace,” Sarah said in the video. “This was made to represent Jace when he was two weeks old, similar to the age in the photo that you will receive on the birth certificate if you buy one of these beautiful baby Jace dolls.

“I can’t believe how like him it is. It’s exactly the same. Especially when Jace has his hat on, it’s so cute. This is little Jace and there’s going to be 250 of these made. That’s all. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.”

Clip via The Ingham Family

The toy company who are making the doll on behalf of the family said the doll is based on baby Jace at two weeks old.

“The realistically adorable features allow you to have your own little Jace!”, the company wrote online.

Speaking to Buzzfeed news, Chris Ingham said the doll is not “a replica doll of Jace or even one that has been manufactured to look like him. But a normal baby reborn doll that was called Jace Ingham and meant to represent our baby boy.”


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