If you've ever been on a J1, you could be owed €740 in tax returns 6 years ago

If you've ever been on a J1, you could be owed €740 in tax returns

Fancy a bit of extra cash?

Aside from a plethora of memories and some remarkable experiences, most students that travel to the US on a J1 working visa will return to Ireland with a severely depleted bank balance.


Totally worth it! Still though, wouldn't it be nice to get some cash back?

If you, or someone you know, has ever taken advantage of the J1 programme then Taxback.com have some good news for you.

They've stated that anyone who has availed of the J1 working visa over the last four years is “almost certainly owed” a tax refund. In case you're wondering, the average US tax refund for people that avail of the J1 is $800 (€740). No small change.

It's worth noting that the right to claim becomes null and void after four years, so get your skates on.


According to Taxback.com: "The amount you get back depends on your individual circumstances and factors including where you worked, the type of work you did and how long you worked for."

If you're curious to see how much money you could potentially earn, take a look here.