10 movies to watch if you're in an anti-Valentine's Day mood 1 year ago

10 movies to watch if you're in an anti-Valentine's Day mood

They're all available to watch at home right now.

Being in a happy relationship is overrated.


Being single and alone and lonely and alone is great, especially on Valentine's Day, when those in couples are celebrating their love.

Who needs it, amirite?

What? No, I'm not crying. I'm good. It's cool. I'm fine...

Anyway, here are 10 movies I'll be watching - alone - to make me feel better about about being single on 14 February.



Break-ups are hard, but some break-ups are harder than others. This is especially true if your very recent ex is the Prince of Crime, and now the entire city wants to get revenge on you. That is the situation that Harley Quinn finds herself in here, which remains one of the most under-appreciated comic book movies of recent years.

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To many people, there is no greater sense of betrayal than when your significant other cheats on you.

Here, we see two couples - played by Julia Roberts, Clive Owen, Jude Law, and Natalie Portman - all start to crumble and turn on each other when an affair begins between them. But nobody can cheat on you if you're alone!

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If it was possible to have your memories altered or deleted, would you have it done to help you get over a particularly painful break-up? That is the big question posed by this brilliant sci-fi comedy drama, as both Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet are forced to relive the highs and lows of their tumultuous relationship.

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You always hear about couples wanting to spice up their marriage, which is what happens here, as Bruce Greenwood and Carla Gugino book a remote cottage for a weekend of adult fun, but after he's handcuffed her to the bed, he promptly drops dead from a heart attack, leaving her alone and no way of escape.


This would never have happened if she was single, just saying.

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One of the landmark moments in any relationship, and a stressful time when you're forced to be on your best behaviour, is when you finally meet your other-half's parents. Add to that the fact that Daniel Kaluuya's girlfriend's parents seem to have some ulterior motives for getting to know their daughter's new beau.

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Every relationship has its ups and downs, but you're likely to have more downs when your partner suddenly goes missing and everyone quickly assumes that you've had a hand in their murder. This pitch-black comedy-thriller from David Fincher has Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike play the most toxic couple since The War of the Roses.

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How well do you really know the new person you're dating? What kind of skeletons do they have in their closet? Are they actually cursed by a sex demon that kills them unless they pass it along to someone else? Typical.

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Trust is a very important part of every relationship, but even more important is the ability to properly talk about your problems. The issue here is that not only did Bill not trust his wife was pregnant with his baby, but he sent an entire mini-army to get revenge for being wronged. Big mistake.

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Imagine a far less whimsical version of 500 Days of Summer, and you're kinda halfway there. We gets glimpses of Scar-Jo and Adam Driver's happy marriage, mixed in with the very painful (but also very funny, for us, not for them) look at their protracted divorce proceedings.

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Going on a holiday with your partner can be great fun. But when your partner is a totally selfish douchebag, it is definitely less fun. Add in the fact that he's taking you on a holiday to a cult-ish murder village, and your definition of "fun" probably needs some updating.

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