Team America: World Police was released 11 years ago today, here's why we love it 4 years ago

Team America: World Police was released 11 years ago today, here's why we love it

America, F**k yeah!

There are very few modern comedies that can instantly claim the title of cult classic but Trey Parker and Matt Stone's hilarious Team America: World Police most definitely can.

Any film that can use puppets to make fun of pretentious celebrities and crazy politicians is obviously the work of geniuses but there is so much more to love about this film.

Here are just ten reasons why we love Team America: World Police.

The original inspiration for the film

The original idea for Team America: World Police was to make an all-puppet version of Armageddon because the South Park creators thought it would be hilarious to take the piss out of the brainless Jerry Bruckheimer action flick.

The finished product was so much better though because Stone and Parker ended up providing a satirical take on Hollywood celebrities, American foreign policy, Democrats, Republicans and just about every single country in the world especially, North Korea.

What else would you expect from two men that wore dresses to the Oscars?

Trey Parker Matt Stone


The opening sequence in Paris

Did you know that the Parisian streets are actually paved with croissants in this scene?

After seeing the hilarious opening sequence we knew that everything would be tres bien.

The brilliant soundtrack

We like to think that this film was the inspiration that helped Ben Affleck turn his career around because, after all, Gary needs Lisa "like Ben Affleck needs acting school".

To be fair, Batfleck got off pretty lightly in comparison to some other celebrities.


The signal for trouble

I still use this in bars as a signal to ask for my mates' help when we're surrounded by really boring people.

The most insane boss in the history of film

Spotswood, what a man. He taught me so many valuable life lessons and opened my eyes to the fact that it's possible for a man to eat his own head...

We also now know what to do if we're ever caught behind enemy lines...


And I also understand the the nature of trust and how it's essential for any team.


After hearing about the film's premise, both Matt Damon and George Clooney, who are friends with Stone and Parker, were quoted as saying that they would have been offended if they weren't included in it.

Sean Penn wasn't so welcoming though. Spicoli himself was so insulted by the filmmakers' suggestion that there was "no shame in not voting" that he wrote an angry letter to Matt Stone and Trey Parker with the closing line "a sincere f**k you, Sean Penn".

Note to Sean Penn: Don't piss off the writers of South Park.

Puppet Sex


The MPAA gave the film an R rating on its release along with a very specific explanation as to why. Apparently the severe rating was due to "graphic crude and sexual humor, violent images and strong language - all involving puppets".

This scene is just so wonderfully inappropriate, insane and creepy all at the same time. Only Trey Parker and Matt Stone could do something like this.

The biggest amount of puke ever

Nothing that Irish people wouldn't see on a normal Saturday night.

Matt Damon's finest role

Originally, Matt Damon (who Trey Parker and Matt Stone have admitted is really a "pretty cool guy") was going to be portrayed as intelligent and articulate, but when they saw that the puppet version of him looked stupid they decided to portray him as such.


This reaction from studio bosses

The very first footage screened for Paramount executives was of a poorly crafted puppet in front of a background of a badly drawn Eiffel Tower, prompting one executive in the audience to yell, "Oh God, they f**ked us!".

This was a prank pulled by the directors because the actual shot then pulls back to reveal a high quality puppet mime immersed in a beautifully detailed Parisian landscape. This actually ended up being the opening shot of the movie.

The closing monologue is also one of the funniest and strangely persuasive arguments that you'll ever hear.

Now we can't have a Team America: World Police article without finishing on this...