A superb list of memorable music moments in non-musical films 5 years ago

A superb list of memorable music moments in non-musical films

Turn it up!

David Brent is set to return to our screens in the coming weeks and we reckon it's because he has no more free love on the free love freeway to give.


The Office star's production isn't the only musical comedy that's being released in the coming weeks; the superb Lonely Island will also be taking the mickey out of the music industry in Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.

With this in mind, we've decided to look at some of the very best musical moments from films but there's one catch.

All of the songs on this list have to be performed by the actors themselves, so if you're expecting to see The Graduate, Saturday Night Fever or Rocky then you're in for disappointment. Here we go....

Old School

Song and artist: Total Eclipse of the Heart performed by The Dan Band.

Magic musical moment because: It's the greatest wedding song in the history of time.


Clip via DogiMaguire

Almost Famous

Song and artist: Tiny Dancer performed by Stillwater and their entourage.

Magical musical moment because: Music can bring everyone together, even when they're feeling on their own.


Clip via Phil Denardo

Guardians of the Galaxy

Song and artist: O-O-H Child performed by Chris Pratt.

Magical musical moment because: No other film has the balls to settle a potentially world-ending showdown via a dance-off.


Clip via Firas Ismail

The Wedding Singer

Song and artist: Somebody Kill Me by Adam Sandler.


Magical musical moment because: It's funny, sweet and depressing at the same time. Be honest, we've all felt like this at one point.


Clip via wishi1991


Song and artist: Show Me The Way to Go Home performed by Shaw, Dreyfus and Scheider.

Magical musical moment because: It's still the ultimate drinking song.


Clip via Claire W

Step Brothers

Song and artist: Boats and Hoes performed by Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.

Magical musical moment because: It defines the sheer lunacy of Step Brothers. Well, this and the fu*king Catalina wine-mixer.


Clip via Brown-Eye

High Fidelity

Song and artist: Let's Get it On by Sonic Death Monkey (recently renamed as Kathleen Turner Overdrive)

Magical musical moment because: "If Laura's bourgeois lawyer friends can't take it, FUCK them. Let 'em riot, we can take it! We're fuckin' Sonic Death Monkey."

Clip via ksm835

The Blues Brothers

Song and artist: Everybody Needs Somebody performed by the The Blues Brothers.

Magical musical moment because: It's the perfect climax to a truly brilliant film that's brimming with stellar tunes.

Clip via Movieclips

Top Gun

Song and artist: You've Lost that Loving Feeling performed by Tom Cruise.

Magical musical moment because: It's equal parts cringy, creative and charming.

Clip via Bang & Olufsen

Role Models

Song and artist: Love Take Me Down (To the Streets) performed by A.D. Miles.

Magical musical moment because: It's one of the best in-jokes in any modern comedy. Even Paul McCartney and Wings would be proud to have created this song.

Clip via Kane Blacklock

Anchroman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Song and artist: Afternoon Delight by the Channel 4 News Team.

Magical musical moment because: How else would you express your love for a girl that's Brazilian, or Chinese, or something weird.

Clip via tint134

Wayne's World

Song and artist: Bohemian Rhapsody performed by Mike Myers, Dana Carvey and more.

Magical musical moment because: The singing from these actors might be kept to a minimum, but who doesn't love a good head banging tune?

Clip via Jaroslav Jaro

This is Spinal Tap

Song and artist: Lick My Love Pump performed by Nigel Tufnel.

Magical musical moment because: Even when you know the reveal is about to come, you're still laughing at it.

Clip via Nathan Noah

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Song and artist: Black Sheep performed by Brie Larson and the Clash at Demonhead.

Magical musical moment because: How can you not fall in love with her?

Clip via KingGunblader

Monty Python's Life of Brian

Song and artist: Always Look On the Bright Side of Life performed by Eric Idle.

Magical musical moment because: It still remains as one of the best songs to sing-along to.


Clip via Monty Python

Sister Act II: Back in the Habit

Song and artist: Joyful, Joyful performed by Lauryn Hill.

Magical musical moment because: Lauryn Hill's voice is a gift from God and it soundtracks an incredibly upbeat ending.

Clip via Bound4Earth

Empire Records

Artist and song: Sugar High performed by Coyotee Shivers feat Renee Zellweger.

Magical musical moment because: Rex Manning is already an international superstar. Let's big up the Gen-X slackers.

Clip via Random1x

The Commitments

Artist and song: Mustang Sally by The Commitments (Andrew Strong on vocals).

Magical musical moment because: It's the finest moment for the world's hardest-working band.

the commitments" mustang sally" by miklo

Back to the Future

Song and artist: Johnny B. Goode by (sadly not Michael J. Fox) Mark Campbell. On the recording, a musician named Tim May plays the guitar part.

Magical musical moment because: The best scene from a timeless classic. Didn't everybody want to be Marty McFly after seeing this?

Clip via Movieclips