Here are the 17 best movies on the TV this weekend 1 year ago

Here are the 17 best movies on the TV this weekend

Some of the best action movies of the last few years are on the telly this weekend!

In case you didn't know, and have been living under a rock for the last few weeks months years, Avengers: Infinity War is in cinemas this weekend, and we imagine that just about every movie fan will be heading along to it ASAP.

If you're interested, our SPOILER FREE review can be heard right here, starting at 35:55 until 44:55...

However, if you have absolutely no interest in seeing that, there are a lot of great movies on your telly this weekend, kicking off with...


Knocked Up - ITV2 - 21:00

"You look like Robin Williams' knuckles."

Sherlock Holmes - RTE Two - 21:35

The one where Iron Man is the Holmes, not the one where Doctor Strange is the Holmes. His back-and-forth with Jude Law is fantastic, and the it actually does a good job of turning the story into a decent action flick.

The Gift - Film 4 - 23:10

Joel Edgerton pulls triple duty here, as writer and director and lead star in this dark thriller about a man who crosses paths with a former bully (played by Arrested Development's Jason Bateman) and his wife (Rebecca Hall) and begins to make his life a living hell.

Little Miss Sunshine - RTE One - 23:55

Steve Carrell, Abigail Breslin, Paul Dano, Greg Kinnear, Toni Collette and loads more star in this heart-warming tale of a family who put their lives on hold to go on a cross-country trip to enter the youngest sister in a talent pageant for girls.

This Is The End - ITV4 - 00:25

"We just got our asses kicked by Hermoine."


Multiplicity - Film 4 - 14:50

Michael Keaton stars as several versions of himself, having invented a machine that allows him to clone himself and perform the tasks he doesn't have time to do himself, which includes spending enough time with his neglected wife (Andie McDowell).

The Mummy Returns - ITV2 - 15:25

The one where The Rock shows up at the end as a giant CGI scorpion man, but the build up with a totally game Brendan Fraser and newly kick-ass Rachel Weisz protecting their annoying son is more than a little fun.

Chronicle - Film 4 - 19:10

A found-footage-superhero-origin movie that is better than the sum of its parts, thanks to the trio of great lead performances - Michael B. Jordan, Dane DeHann, Alex Russell - and some really impressive special effects.

Iron Man - Channel 4 - 21:00

Ten years later, and with the arrival of Avengers: Infinity War, now is as good a time as any to look back at where it all began.

The Sum Of All Fears - Sky One - 21:00

The third iteration of Jack Ryan - after Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford, but before Chris Pine and John Krazinski - we get Ben Affleck attempting to stop a terrorist group from setting off a nuclear device on American soil.

American Gangster - ITV2 - 23:20

Denzel Washington is the up-and-coming gangster who is forced to out-wit Russell Crowe's police officer who is determined to take him down, in this epic crime drama from Ridley Scott. Also features Idris Elba, Josh Brolin, Chiwetel Ejifor, and Cuba Gooding Jnr.

Run & Jump - RTE Two - 00:40

An American doctor (Will Forte) begins to fall for an Irish mother (Maxine Peake) when he is sent to her home to help her and her family when her husband suffers from a stroke. A really nice but emotional drama.


Twister - ITV2 - 13:55

Let us be fair here, the only bit anyone can remember is the flying cow bit, and that is totally fine with us.

Home Alone - Film 4 - 18:55

"Keep the change, you filthy animal."

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation - Film 4 - 21:00

The one that kicks off with Tom hanging from the outside of a plane, and pitches him against a double (or is that triple?) agent, played by Rebecca Ferguson, who may be the first person to be capable of out-spying him.

The Boy Next Door - TV3 - 21:00

Jennifer Lopez gets the hots for the hunky teenager next door, he is (JUST ABOUT) above legal age, but once they hook up, she realises he might not be as mentally stable as she would have liked. Absolute trash, but in the most enjoyable way imaginable.

The Constant Gardener - ITV3 - 23:10

Ralph Fiennes plays a British diplomat who is assigned to a new post in Kenya. He moves there with his wife Rachel Weisz, but when she is murdered, the normally mild-mannered man is sent on the hunt for her killers. This is NOT Taken, mind you, but a very realistic portrayal of a man attempting to find justice for the woman he loves.