Here are the 5 best movies on the telly tonight 1 year ago

Here are the 5 best movies on the telly tonight

Action. Horror. Romance. Tonight has it all!

Middle of the week. Last pay day seems so long ago, and the next pay day seems so far away.

What to do that is fun but also cheap, if not completely free?

Well, you could head to the cinema, and if you're thinking "JOE, that isn't cheap or free!", then you haven't been paying attention.

Otherwise, you could sit in and watch one of these:


Moulin Rouge! - E! Entertainment - 8pm

The musical romance that features a drug-induced Kylie Minogue as an Absinthe-made-flesh Green Fairy. So, y'know, not your run-off-the-mill musical romance, if we're being honest...

Jason Bourne - FilmFour - 9pm

The fourth (not including The Bourne Legacy) movie in the series on the amnesiac assassin, with Jason Bourne now fully aware of his past, but still on the run for one reason or another. Truth be told, this is far from the best in the franchise, but seriously, that Las Vegas-set car chase is one for the ages.

The Equalizer - RTE One - 9.35pm

Denzel Washington is a special forces-trained vigilante who gets tied up in a plot involving some pretty nasty gangsters after they hurt a teenage prostitute that he has befriended. A fun, violent tale of revenge follows.

The Crazies - Syfy - 10pm

As far as zombie movies go, this is one of the better ones, involving a local sheriff and his wife attempting to escape a small town in America after a viral outbreak causes the local population to go all rabies-y, and the government will kill anyone who tries to get out.

Inglourious Basterds - ITV4 - 11.05pm

Tarantino's World War II movie, with Brad Pitt, Diane Kruger, Michael Fassbender, and ... Mike Myers? Yeah, you should know exactly what you're getting here.