15 life lessons from Tim Riggins of Friday Night Lights that will make you a better person 4 years ago

15 life lessons from Tim Riggins of Friday Night Lights that will make you a better person

Texas Forever.

1) Make a good first impression.


In Tim's case, he decided to show up to training hungover and then introduce himself to his new coach.

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2) Deal with stress in your own way.


In his own words "I’ll tell ya what, you know what’s good before a game? Getting laid…A LOT…know what I mean?".

Can't argue there.


3) Accept the fact that you have problems.


Nobody's perfect.


4) Don't think too much.

If something can be said in five words then Tim will probably just use two. Be like Tim.



5) Help your teammates.

When in doubt, just ask yourself this one question, 'what would Riggins do?'. Here's his idea of a motivating speech to some younger players.

"Too late, play's over. You waited too long to make a decision. Now we lost the game because of you, now we're not going to state, and now the whole town of Dillon hates you and you're never going to get laid. FACT.".

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6) Make time for your friends.

Remember when Matt was at an all-time low when all of the following happened; Carlota left him, J.D McCoy took his starting spot and his grandmother's health started to deteriorated? Riggins decided to take him his friend out of school and go on the lash.

They also went hunting together. Now that's a true friend.


7) Be a good guy.

Who can forget those memorable trips to Mexico and New York with his best friend Jason Street.


Remember that other time when he brought Becky shopping for a dress when her mom bailed on her?


What about the moment when he refused to let Lyla give up on her college dreams by staying with him in Texas?


None of these compare though to that scene when he decided to take the fall for Billy's mistakes and go to prison, just so his nephew could grow up with a father.


8) Drink beer.

Riggins FNL

Lots of it.

Riggins Hungover


9) Have some fun.

Riggins has been with so many women in Dillon that he's probably ran out of potential girlfriends.


10) Don't let work get in the way of leisure.

Tim's excuse for being let out of class "No, I told 'em I was pregnant and I just needed a few days to relax". See, he's also intelligent.

Scarlet Riggins

11) Treat people equally.

"That’s not racism man, I just don’t like him".


12) Look out for number one.

"I got these books, that are like, 800 pages long. Where's the ME time?". Classic Riggins.

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13) Don't be afraid of public speaking.

"Hey, uh, How about Saracen sleeping with the coach’s daughter?". Funny and he absolutely burned his friend in public.

Riggins Speech

14) Always be honest with people

This sounded like a pretty fun summer.

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15) Know your true friends and be proud of your hometown.

Texas Forever.

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If you do all of these things then you'll be able to walk around town with your head held high.

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