Here are the 6 best movies on TV this evening 11 months ago

Here are the 6 best movies on TV this evening

Staying on the couch tonight? Here are your best options!

Back to life.

Back to reality.

We always need something to help distract from the beginning of a new week, and what better distraction could there be than a decent movie.

Have you seen IT Chapter Two yet? It seems like everyone else has, so you probably should before they spoil all the good bits! You can check out our review for it right here.

But if you are sitting in, here is the best stuff you can check out from your couch this evening:


Angels & Demons - Sky One - 9pm

The sequel in the movies (but prequel in the books) to The Da Vinci Code, this sees professional clue-solver Tom Hanks trying to stop someone from blowing up the Vatican with a nuclear bomb. It is more fun than the first movie, but mostly because it knows how silly and ridiculous the whole thing is.

This Must Be The Place - TG4 - 9.30pm

Sean Penn plays an aging rock star who has retired in Dublin, but when his father dies and he discovers that he was a full-time Nazi-hunter, he decides to follow in his footsteps. A bonkers but very entertaining comedy drama.

Gremlins - TCM - 10.50pm

Apparently the rejected third movie answered the big question about feeding the cute ball of fur after midnight, when one of them wound up on a plane and it was discovered that they did indeed adhere to the man-made creation of timezones!

Airplane! - Comedy Central - 11pm

One of the funniest movies ever made. End of description.

McLaren - ITV4 - 11.05pm

A documentary about Bruce McLaren, the man who founded the McLaren Racing team, showing the world that someone from a humble background can take on the elite world of motor racing and win.

Labor Day - Film4 - 11.20pm

A depressed single mother (Kate Winslett) and her young son offer a lift to a hitchhiker (Josh Brolin), only to discover he is dangerous wanted criminal. When he takes them back to their house and hides from the authorities, he and the mother begin to fall in love, even as the net closes in around them.