Here are the 6 best movies on TV this evening 1 year ago

Here are the 6 best movies on TV this evening

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Listen, we know this is called Best Movies On TV Tonight, but that doesn't mean they're all good. It just means out of the movies that are on the telly tonight, these are the best of the bunch.

And truth be told, tonight's "best" are not exactly the greatest collection of films we've ever seen.

But maybe you're just looking to kill a few hours in the evening, a bit of background noise, and if that is the case, then you could do a lot worse than these...


The Dilemma - Comedy Central - 9pm

Vince Vaughn discovers that his best friend's (Kevin James) wife is cheating on him, but when he tries to get more proof to show, he finds out more about his best friend than he was aware of. Co-starring Jennifer Connolly and Winona Ryder, it is... fine. Perfectly average.

Panic Room - Universal TV - 9pm

Jodie Foster and on-screen daughter Kristen Stewart discover that a group of violent burglars have broken into their home, and even after locking themselves into their panic room, the burglars will do whatever it takes to get to them.

The Last Stand - Film4 - 9pm

Arnie is the sheriff of a small town, Johnny Knoxville is his deputy, and bad guys arrive. Not exactly heaving with plot, but still a decent amount of fun.

A Lonely Place To Die - Horror Channel - 9pm

A group of mountaineers in the Scottish Highlands discover a woman who has escaped from her kidnappers, only to discover that they are still chasing her, and they are willing to kill anyone who gets in their way. A tense, gripping thriller.

The Watch - Film4 - 11.10pm

Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, and more set up a neighbourhood watch, only to discover that aliens have arrived and are taking over the local population. An OTT sci-fi comedy that is okay fun, but should have been A LOT better.

Blade: Trinity - ITV4 - 11.30pm

The third of the Blade movies, and by far the worst of them, but still some entertainment to be mined from Ryan Reynolds' performance as a hunky, sweary vampire hunter.