Adam Driver's new action movie is hoping to emulate one of Indiana Jones' best qualities 6 months ago

Adam Driver's new action movie is hoping to emulate one of Indiana Jones' best qualities

"It felt a lot like rehearsing a stage play."

The movie, 65, follows the story of its protagonist Pilot Mills, played by Star Wars and Marriage Story star Adam Driver. The directors of 65 have an ambition for it to possess a quality similar to the Indiana Jones classic, Raiders of the Lost Ark.


After a crash landing on an unknown planet, which is later identified as Earth but 65 million years ago, Mills (Driver) and the only other survivor must travel across the planet to be rescued, whilst trying to avoid a litany of prehistoric creatures.

The bulk of the movie rests upon the special effects team, and on the shoulders of both main actors Adam Driver and Arian Greenblatt. C0-director Scott Beck told us:

"I remember being in New Orleans and directing, and looking around before realising there were only four of us rehearsing - two directors, Adam and Ariana. It felt a lot like rehearsing a stage play, but without dialogue.

"So much of what is said in the movie is unspoken. There was a lot of trying to communicate non-verbally because, at the end of the day, we wanted this film to feel like pure cinema - meaning that we could play this movie on silent and you could enjoy it just as much as having the audio on."

That idea of a movie still working even with the sound went down is something Raiders of the Lost Ark (released in 1981) won much praise for. Indeed, Steven Soderbergh recut 'Raiders' to be an entirely silent movie - to prove his point - back in 2014.


65 Driver was speaking to JOE ahead of the release of 65.

"The original first draft of 65 was even wilder"

Speaking to JOE's entertainment editor, Rory Cashin, Hollywood star Adam Driver discussed everything relating to his latest movie.


Within the action packed feature, Driver's character is subjected to a host of stunt shots, to which he is asked if he follows along in a similar vain to Tom Cruise by doing them all himself.

"I don't know if I would go as extreme as the Tom Cruise part of it, but I love what he does in his movies!", Driver replied. The two-time Academy Award nominated actor went on to add:

"I do lean more towards wanting to do more of stunts in my films because I know that with films I watch and rewatch, the more I study them, they do disintegrate a little bit. The physicality of a character is really important to keep it consistent".

Talking about his motivations behind taking on such a different role to his previous big hits, Driver said that "I don't know if people are going to ask me to fight dinosaurs again, so when it comes you have to grab it!"


"The original first draft was even wilder", exclaimed the House of Gucci star, whilst going on to say that his latest film will be something "unique, and not a thing which people have seen a million times".

You can watch Rory's full interview with Adam Driver here.

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