Adam Driver talks about rivalling Tom Cruise on stunts in upcoming sci-fi action flick 65 6 months ago

Adam Driver talks about rivalling Tom Cruise on stunts in upcoming sci-fi action flick 65

We had the Irish exclusive chat with the Oscar-nominated actor about his huge new blockbuster.

There's a growing trend in movies over the last few years that's starting to gain traction. Whether it be the nostalgia of the 80's coming back into vogue once again or the need to bring back that sense of joy of going to the cinema after the last few years, we're getting some really big, Fun with a capital 'F' movies lately. Following the trendsetters of M3gan and Cocaine Bear, 65 brings a story full of OTT'ness that it can only have been designed for the audience's enjoyment.


Adam Driver stars as pilot Mills who crashes on to an unknown planet with just himself and a young girl as the sole survivors. The two quickly discover they are stranded on Earth 65 million years ago and must try to survive against the planet's prehistoric predators.

We sat down with Driver to discuss the upcoming prehistoric sci-fi flick and what it was like to first read a script like that.

"There's gonna be dinosaurs, there's gonna be laser guns, it's gonna be prehistoric earth without time travel. And we're gonna try to do something that's big and a family movie that kids can go to, but with enough room to have a story about two people who literally can't understand each other and can bond over grief.

"So it's just enough room to do something nuanced within something that's really big, and try to make it accessible to everyone without insulting people's intelligence.

"I don't know if people are going to ask me to fight dinosaurs again so when the opportunity comes you have to grab it, I guess."


With large action sequences and giant dinosaurs aplenty, Driver gave us an insight into the stunt-work involved in the upcoming flick. It's clear to see he doesn't shy away from that side of acting, but maybe Tom Cruise takes it a little further than he does.

"I don't know if I would go as extreme as the Tom Cruise part of it, but I love what he does in his movies. But I do lean more towards wanting to do all of the stunts in films because I know with films that I watch and re-watch, they do disintegrate a little bit and the physicality of the character is really important to try and keep it consistent.

So if there's enough time to do [my own stunts], I would be of the mind that you got to do it. If I can make it two degrees better then why try to go the other way?"

65 releases in Irish cinemas on Friday, March 10. Check out JOE's full interviews with the movies writers and directors here, and with Adam Driver in the video below:


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